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Stacey is a licensed Realtor as well as a resident of Gulfport and has a personal investment in the community.

Stacey’s unique qualifications provide her customers with a level of knowledge and attention to detail that’s hard to find in one package. Stacey has personally rehabbed over 40 homes and worked on numerous relocations. In part, as a former home inspector she can offer people unfamiliar with the area a level of assurance they might not find elsewhere.

When Stacey takes you into a home she looks at it with double vision - as a Realtor and as an Inspector.  She’s professional and patient, and is the go­-to person for those who may feel intimidated by buying or selling their home.  Stacey says, “I have a lot of experience with houses. When I take my clients to look at houses, they're seeing each house as a whole, while I’m looking at it like an x-ray.”

Since moving to Gulfport in 2010, Stacey has had a dream to establish her own real estate business.  Stacey chose a home in the marina district and her logo, an anchor, isn’t just pandering to Gulfport’s maritime history. Her Grandfather was a New Jersey Harbormaster and she honors her heritage alongside Gulfport’s. That sense of history stirs her desire to preserve the heritage found in Gulfport’s unique architecture and maritime character.

Stacey says, "So many people come to Gulfport for a vacation and while they’re here, they fall in love with our little town. Gulfport Realty is here to service their needs."

Stacey knows! She has fallen in love with Gulfport herself.  That enthusiasm shows whether she’s buying or selling your home and she encourages you to stop by and chat with her, even if you’re not in the market.

“I love to talk homes, talk about the construction and the constant nature of houses,” she says.  “The older homes in our town often need repairs, but we can bring these properties back to their original charm. Mortgage laws may change and insurance requirements certainly do, but for the most part, one thing remains constant: we have a great town here in Gulfport and the homes and community needs to be preserved.”

It’s not just Gulfport’s history that makes the town so special.  Being a part of the present, a part of the community is something Stacey and Gulfport Realty are proud to be.

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